All profits made from this song are to go to
children in crises

Rock & Blues singer Song writer Merv Pinny lays it on the line and puts his displeasure about terrorism and the way is affecting our day to day lives into a grungy Rock Blues track with a message. His Video clip captures the hurt and suffering of the Children on both side of this war which he calls Military Madness.

In the making of the video clip he discovered that big brother is watching when two UN officials have a look at his affairs and why he has spent so much time researching terrorism. He thinks they were relieved to find out he was just making a music video. Merv made this song and video clip for people to share around and raise awareness of the children suffering on both sides of this crazy ongoing war.




OB (Can you hear the children cry) by Merv Pinny ©

I don’t want to be no super hero
I don’t want to be no super man
You get in your planes go zoom zoom zoom
You get in your tanks go boom boom boom
Alacaboom     AlacaBaam
Is that your plan?
Can you hear the children cry
Have you seen my mother

I don’t want to be last man to speak
I don’t want to be last man to die
You get in your planes
Go zoom zoom zoom
You get in your tanks
go boom boom boom
Alacaboom    Alacabang
Is that your plan

I don,t wanta be last man to die
Get in your planes
Get in your tanks
Alacaboom   Alacabaam 
Alacaboom   Alacabaam
Alacaboom   Alacabaam
Alacaboom    Alacabaam
Is that your plan

Chorus x 2

Merv Pinny

Rock and Blues artist | Singer-songwriter | Video and music producer | Composer

Other works are the Destiny album which was only ever released in New Zealand

Lives in Kerikeri New Zealand, known locally as guitarist and singer fronting the Bootleg Band, a get up and go rock and blues band. Merv says he has loved working on this project which he has funded himself. I wrote this song because I wanted to help and try to make a difference to these children's lives.

Merv got into music 10 years old, by 14 years old he was playing with a rock band in local venues on a regular basis. Merv had developed a passion for music at an early age and loved to play live. He also developed a passion for writing, composing and performing his own songs. Merv got his first break with his song writing when a radio programmer heard a demo that had been recorded. This led to the recording of his first single Lonely Women and his first album Destiny.

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Song a rallying cry for children in crises

Kerikeri-based singer-songwriter Merv Pinny is adding his voice and a bit more to help highlight the plight of growing numbers of children being made refugees by war and extremist ideology.

Proceeds due to him from his latest release, "OB (can you hear the children cry)" will all go to selected charities dealing with children in crises. The song, which he wrote, performed and co-produced under his own label MMusic had its genesis in the international news reports of conflicts throughout the Middle East, and particularly those in Syria and Iran. Pinny said a number of the images on television shocked him to the extent that he had to give voice to his own feelings as both a father and as a human being.

In looking for a way to help, he discovered posts by Angelina Jolie detailing some of the challenges refugee children faced and some of the ways she was able to help. 'Whatever view I may have held of her earlier, she's now one of my new heroes; a kick-ass woman who is prepared to put much of herself on the line to do or get something done.

"And I say in the song, I didn't want to be the last man to speak up about the situation. The song is how I can give voice to how I feel and how I can hopefully convey that to others in a compelling helpful way. "

To help promote the song (and the level of donations) Pinny also produced an accompanying video.

To illustrate his points he searched for web-posted images of war, terrorism and corruption, finding exactly what he was wanting but in the process attracting the attention of authorities no doubt alerted by his quite specific web word searches. He says the search and importation of an old Russian gas mask to use in the video probably exacerbated the situation somewhat. Preproduction of the video was done on iPhone, then finished in his KeriKeri studios. He is hoping the song and video clip will strike a chord amongst aware and caring people and raise a helpful amount of money to help the children crisis.